Genital Herpes Virus (HSV-2)

Why Genital Herpes Virus (HSV-2) Is So Dangerous For Humans

Genital Herpes Virus (HSV-2)

HSV2 is a form of herpes simplex virus responsible for genital herpes. Statistics say that up to 20% of all adult Americans have this condition. Unfortunately, once the virus entered the body, there is no cure for it. It remains dormant in the nerves and sufferers experience regular outbreaks and periods of remission for their entire life.

HSV2 Increases Risk of HIV and Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases

sexually transmitted diseases

Doctors have discovered a long time ago that getting HSV also increases the risk of getting other sexually transmitted diseases. This is because the blisters caused by genital herpes facilitate the entry for HIV or other viruses and bacteria, including the one causing syphilis. It seems that people infected with HSV2 have two to four times at higher risks of getting HIV. If this was not enough, HSV2 also contributes to passing the HIV to uninfected partners and to the development of HIV into AIDS.

HSV2 and Aseptic Meningitis

HSV2 and Aseptic Meningitis

People who are already infected with HSV2 are at a higher risk of developing aseptic meningitis. This is called aseptic because laboratory tests only identify the virus and no bacteria. Symptoms of this condition include stiff neck, headaches, and a low fever. Sometimes back and buttock tenderness, constipation, and urinary retention might also occur. If this happens, it means that the HSV2 is located in the sacral nerve root and it reached the entire nervous system.

HSV2 and Radiculopathy


HSV2 can cause sacral or lobar radiculopathy, because it can live in the roots of the sacral or lobar nerves. Symptoms of radiculopathy include lower back pain that can spread in the buttocks and the genital area, sciatica, weak leg muscles and impossibility to walk on tiptoes. Transient paralysis, constipation, and inability to urinate can also occur in severe cases. Radiculopathy is usually triggered by the first hepatic outbreak, but numerous sufferers do not make a connection between the two conditions.

HSV2 and Pregnancy

Pregnant women can pass the herpetic virus to their babies. The risk is higher if the mother actually is infected while she is pregnant.

HSV2 and Pregnancy

Women infected before getting pregnant have lower risks of also infecting the babies. If mothers experience an active herpes outbreak, their doctors might perform C-sections in order to protect the babies. Herpetic virus in newborns is very dangerous and can even be lethal. However, numerous women infected with HSV2 give birth to healthy babies.

Therefore, you already have the pictures why genital herpes virus (HSV-2) is so dangerous for humans. If you are a teenager or an adult, you can get the virus. The virus can enter the body anytime if you do not follow a healthy lifestyle. This is actually a sexual disease. So, never make your sex with someone experiencing such a virus. You need to read more online resources. You need to learn how to avoid those problems. Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent the disease. If you are a patient, you need Ultimate Herpes Protocol Book Program and you must eat well-balanced foods as your body will need more nutrients to boost your immune system.

A Good Diabetic Diet Plan Helps You Manage Your Diabetes

A Good Diabetic Diet Plan Helps You Manage Your Diabetes

If you suffer from diabetes it means that your body cannot produce insulin on its own. As a result, it increases blood glucose level. By going on a healthy diabetic diet plan can be of help at this time. Getting an appropriate diet plan is a crucial part of your treatment journey, because it can manage the level of glucose in your blood.

A Good Diabetic Diet Plan Helps You Manage Your Diabetes

A good selection of food together with a healthy and disciplined routine are the two key victory points of diabetic treatment. A healthy diabetic diet plan must comprise of six essential factors such as confining depletion for sweet products, frequent eating, attentive towards carbohydrate consumption, eat copiously expanse of whole grain foods, fruits, and vegetables, eating low-fat products, restriction in alcohol consumption.

Diabetic Diet

If you are diabetic, it does not mean that you should start consuming special foods or depend on the only strict diabetic diet plan. In many cases, it is simply switching to a variety of recipes in moderate amounts but following a fixed timing.

Diabetic Diet

You must not follow a complicated diabetic diet plan, rather your diet should comprise a wide variety of nutrients and light in calorie and full of fat stuffing. There are two very important factors that you must not forget while preparing your diet plan. The first point is having foods at the regular time every day and the second one is the assortment of hale and hearty food in right quantities.

Carbohydrate counting is an essential part of healthy diet menus, especially if you are on insulin medication. In fact, protein and fat counting are not as indispensable as carbohydrate plus is. But that doesn’t mean that you must not be careful enough about the fat or protein intake. High fat and high calorie always intensification the risk of numerous health problems including cardiac problems, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

Diabetic Diet and the Consumption of Sweets

Diabetic Diet and the Consumption of Sweets

The fact says if you are diabetic, all your friends and family continuously warn you not to have sweets in your diet.  If sweets can be used in a balanced amount in the meal plan they may not produce any harm. It is true that different sweets affect blood sugar level in a varied fashion, but what matters the most is the total carbohydrate count. If you include a few sweets in your overall diabetic diet plan, your health will not be at risk.

Vegetarian Diet

A few people believe that switching to a vegetarian diet program may help cure their diabetes problem, but it is not totally true. A vegetarian diet can help in diabetes management as compared to a non-vegetarian one. A vegetarian diet does have a very important role to play in a diabetic diet plan.

Vegetarian Diet

It is not very difficult to prepare a vegetarian diet plan. Vegan diet is the austere form of vegetarian diet. Vegetarians typically do not consume on any sort of animal products such as egg and dairy.

A strict vegetarian nourishment includes of practically no cholesterol content in it and has low saturated fat. An austere vegan diet is prepared with fruits, whole grains, and legumes as these foods are essentially high in fiber. Typically, a vegetarian diet is also low in calorie which is beneficial for diabetic patients.

The reason why a Veg diet is an effective choice in diabetic diet plan is because of its weight loss ability which is very beneficial for people with type-II diabetes. A few scientific studies confirmed that vegan diet can make the body more receptive to insulin.

Though a vegetarian diet cannot cure diabetes, but certainly it can alleviate various diabetes-related symptoms such as cardiovascular disease and kidney problems. But, certainly this is mostly dependent on the choice of food.  If you are diabetic and you are looking forward to its natural cure than the Diabetes Destroyer is the best program for it. You will feel healthy and happy after applying for this program.

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